As you grow older, certain things will become even more exciting to think about and plan for, even if you considered them boring in the past. Although your younger self may have found fun in partying, shopping, and going on spontaneous adventures, your older, more mature self now finds more joy in preparing for the future.

When it comes to planning your retirement, you’re bound to feel the most excitement because it will be the start of your new life after employment, beyond the daily hustle and bustle you’ve become accustomed to. Once you dabble into the idea of planning your life after work, you’ll learn about different tools such as time-lock savings accounts, pension plans, and passive investments.

To ensure that you have post-work financial stability and comfort, there’s one particular tool that should be in your retirement plan: a reverse mortgage loan.

What Are Reverse Mortgage Loans?

Reverse mortgages are financial assistance plans that allow homeowners to borrow equity so that they have extra assistance to fulfill their financial obligations. This works on the basis of a lender making payments to a borrower instead of the other way around.

The methods used to pay out an obligation varies, with the most common being:

  • Monthly payments (which can be sought if the borrower currently occupies the home)
  • A lump sum of a predetermined amount
  • Periodic advances of cash through a set line of credit
  • A combination of all three

Over the years, lenders and retirement planning experts alike have urged near-retirees to use these tools because they are a dependable retirement strategy. When executed correctly, these tools can enhance your post-work life by bearing an assistive effect on your finances for many years!

How Reverse Mortgages Benefit Your Retirement Planning

At this point, you may be wondering about how a reverse mortgage can benefit your retirement planning efforts. After all, there are many more popular options you can consider and invest in. Let’s look at some key benefits that will have you inquiring about Cal Coast Funding’s reverse mortgage loan program ASAP:

Reverse Mortgages Make It Easier to Free up Cash

The foremost benefit of getting a reverse mortgage is that it helps ensure that you have extra cash on hand to cover your necessities and luxuries. Over time, the compounding effect will help you save up as much as you’d have when you were still working full time!

Reverse Mortgages Reduce Your Tax Burden

As the saying goes: “the only constant things in life are death and taxes.” However, you won’t have to struggle with the burdens of the latter if you get a reverse mortgage.

Generally, these financial plans will help you out tax-wise in a couple of ways. First, the funds you receive are not taxable income so that you can get monthly installments. Additionally, reverse mortgages allow you to draw on your line of credit and not owe on those amounts. This is a tremendous help in mitigating your dues to the government.


As you continue to piece your dream retirement plans together, you must look into the opportunity to use reverse mortgages. Through the help of these financial tools, you’ll bump up your financial comforts and live your best life as you grow older!

Cal Coast Funding is one of the top mortgage companies in San Diego, CA, that provides reverse mortgage loans perfect for any soon-to-be retiree’s financial goals. Get in touch with our experts today!